Abuse and Victimization Across the Life Span

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September 1990



"Abuse and Victimization across the Life Span" addresses the problem of family violence from a developmental perspective. Rather than limiting the focus to a specific state of development, the book encourages professionals and students to consider the effects of violence on victims at all points in the life span, from infancy to late adulthood. For each period, chapters treat normal development, the effects of abuse on development, and strategies for change.
The contributors also explore topics such as the criminalization of family violence, the abuse of disabled people, racial and ethnic factors in family violence, and the empowerment of battered women. Combining theoretical, empirical, and practical concerns, "Abuse and Victimization across the Life Span" is of importance to both researchers and practitioners.


"A state-of-the-art, well-referenced, and highly research-oriented collection of critical information written from a life span perspective. This is a text that delivers exactly what its title suggests, discussing, reviewing, describing, and proscribing abuse and victimization in terms of the life span. It examines the effects of family violence from infancy to late adulthood and explains the various critical considerations (psychological, physical, intellectual, and moral) that are developmentally important. Straus can be credited with excellent editorial skills as well as discrimination in her fine choice of exceptionally literate authors. Contemporary Psychology Contains a broad spectrum of information on abuse and victimization, and its excellent bibliography will provide readers interested in the subject with sources of further reading and research. Nursing Standard "A conspicuously readable, interesting, and well-written account of the field of abuse and victimization with emphasis on specific problems as they develop. This book would be of anyone dealing with abuse and victimization in a society where such behaviors are no longer unusual. American Journal of Psychiatry
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