Healing from Family Rifts

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Title: Healing from Family RiftsAuthor: SichelISBN: 0-07-141242-5Category: Self-HelpTrim Size: 6 x 9UPC: 639785385417Price: $14.95[category] Self-HelpMake peace with yourself and reclaim your life with Mark Sichel's powerful ten-step healing program"That's it. I've had it. I never want to see or hear from you again." Those words may have caused great anguish, or great relief, at the moment they were spoken--depending on whether you were the giver or the receiver of the powerful punch. But now you're left with the nagging despair of losing a family member. The pain can be overwhelming, but there is a way out. Through the help of Healing from Family Rifts," you can find peace again and recover from the" isolation of family exile.Author and licensed clinical social worker Mark Sichel knows what it's like to suffer a family exile: his parents cut off all communication with him years ago. Now he's applying the steps used during his own recovery to help you overcome the heartbreak of your family rift. Through his powerful and proven ten-step program, along with the stories of other embattled survivors of family wars, you will achieve real, permanent, inner reconciliation, regardless of the cause of the rift--whether divorce, marriage outside your race or religion, emotional abuse, objections to sexual orientation, addictions, or any other reason.From dealing with the shock of the rift to building your second-chance family, from recognizing the signs of acute stress disorder to learning from successful families, Mark Sichel's ten steps to healing will help you achieve serenity and contentment by learning how to make peace with yourself first."Mark Sichelis a licensed clinical social worker who counsels individuals, couples, and families in New York City. He is the founder and editor of the award-winning website,, has counseled hundreds of clients who have suffered family cutoffs, and has made it through h


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