Jimmie Foxx: The Pride of Sudlersville

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September 2005



The story of one of baseball's most ferocious hitters, Jimmie Foxx. The most inclusive biography of Foxx to date, Millikin's book provides a complete picture of his subject.


Mark R. Millikin received his B.S. from the University of Maryland and a M.S. from the College of Charleston (South Carolina). He has written articles on Jimmie Foxx and other major league players for the Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles, and is a member of the Society of American Baseball Research.


Millikin contacted classmates, cousins, and friends of Foxx and interviewed six close family members and over thirty teammates to provide richness and depth to this biography of the first man to challenge Ruth's single-season home run record. Sabr Bulletin Though other histories of this astounding player exist, Mark Millikin's biography benefits from many privileges not enjoyed by the other books...contains a great deal more information on Jimmie Foxx's early life and childhood...this most inclusive biography of Jimmie Foxx to date finally brings this wealth of untapped anecdotal information to the surface. Vintage and Classic Baseball Collector Before Mark McGwire, the strongest slugger of them all might have been Jimmie Foxx...features previously unpublished material based on interviews with the Foxx family. USA Today Baseball Weekly [Jimmie Foxx] had neither a business agent nor a showboat personality. He is nonetheless by now the subject of at least four books; Millikin's is the most sensitive and thorough. Baltimore Sun ...the author has done an effective job of illustrating the extent to which Foxx proved one of baseball's consummate hitters of all time, and not just a home run slugger... a good baseball book. Journal of Sport History As someone who knew Jimmie Foxx during his career with the Philadelphia Athletics, I found the book to be one of the most factual accounts of his life. In addition I would like to thank Mr. Millikin for his extensive research and numerous personal interviews which lead to the creation of such an enjoyable and informative read of one of baseball's greatest players. -- Albert Ruggieri, Philadelphia Athletics clubhouse errand boy 1929-1935 Mark Millikin has prepared the definitive work on Hall of Famer Jimmie Foxx...does an excellent job...Jimmie Foxx: The Pride of Sudlersville is a well-written and quite interesting account of one of baseball's most intimidating powerhitters. World-Wide Collectors Digest Thanks to Mark Millikin, baseball fans can now enjoy a comprehensive biography of Jimmie Foxx...Millikin has written perhaps the most detailed account of Foxx's life to date. -- William Kashatus Nine I want to congratulate and thank Mark Millikin and the Scarecrow Press, for writing and publishing this fine tribute to a great and honorable man. -- Elden L. Auker, Jimmie Foxx's roommate and pitcher for the Boston Red Sox during the 1939 baseball season
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