The US Army 1917-19

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This work details the organization, uniforms, equipment and campaigns of the US Army in World War I. It describes the most decisive years in the history of the US Army, as it evolved from a tiny volunteer frontier garrison force into a two-and-a-half million strong conscript army.


- The US Army in 1914 - 1916: the National Defense Act - expansion of the regular forces - 1917: mobilisation of the National Guard - 1917: the Selective Service Law - conscription - The American Expeditionary Force - from 'triangular' to 'square' unit structure - divisional organisation - command - Campaign summary - Post-Armistice operations - Uniforms & insignia - Equipment - Weapons


Mark R. Henry is a lifelong student of military history and an experienced re-enactor of many periods. He served in the US Army as a signals officer 1981-90, in Germany, Texas and Korea. He holds a BA degree in History and is studying for his Master's; and currently works in the US Army museum system. His special interest lies in the United States armed forces of the 20th century.

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