Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory

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September 2004



This book is an introduction to topological dynamics and ergodic theory. It is divided into a number of relatively short chapters with the intention that each may be used as a component of a lecture course tailored to the particular audience. The authors provide a number of applications, principally to number theory and arithmetic progressions (through Van der Waerden's theorem and Szemerdi's theorem). This text is suitable for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students.


Introduction and preliminaries; Part I. Topological Dynamics: 1. Examples and basic properties; 2. An application of recurrence to arithmetic progressions; 3. Topological entropy; 4. Interval maps; 5. Hyperbolic toral automorphisms; 6. Rotation numbers; Part II. Measurable Dynamics: 7. Invariant measures; 8. Measure theoretic entropy; 9. Ergodic measures; 10. Ergodic theorems; 11. Mixing; 12. Statistical properties; Part III. Supplementary Chapters: 13. Fixed points for the annulus; 14. Variational principle; 15. Invariant measures for commuting transformations; 16. An application of ergodic theory to arithmetic progressions.


' ... the volume achieves its goals well. It covers a broad range of topics clearly and succinctly ... There is much material here to interest and stimulate the reader ... I thoroughly recommend it to anyone of has some knowledge of the subject matter and wants a concise and well presented reference for more advanced concepts.' UK Non-Linear News
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