Essential Tremor

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November 2006



Clear, straight-forward and practical advice for patients and carers.


1. What is Essential Tremor? ;
2. Living and coping with Essential Tremor ;
3. The diagnosis of Essential Tremor ;
4. The treatment of Essential Tremor ;
5. Who gets Essential Tremor? ;
6. Possible causes of Essential Tremor ;
7. The future - prospects of a cure


Mark Plumb is a geneticist who has had Essential Tremor since childhood. He has a career in cancer research, concentrating on genetics in radiation-induced leukaemia. Peter Bain is an international authority on tremor, movement disorders and deep brain stimulation.


The authors give a comprehensive overview of ET in a clear and understandable way. The book is well written and focuses on all relevant aspects of etiology, diagnosis and therapy of ET and therefore may be beneficial both for patients and caregivers. Non-specialist physicians and beginners in neurology will find it helpful as well. European Neurology
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