MBA Economics

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August 1995



This 12-chapter text presents a concise first course in microeconomics which is suitable for both MBA and upper level undergraduate programmes. No previous knowledge of economics is assumed.
"MBA Economics" covers the key areas of microeconomics - how the interactions of producers and consumers in product markets produce powerful tendencies towards efficiency and equality when self-interest is harnessed within purely competitive markets, as well as how rent-seeking activity can alter this conclusion and how human-capital investments can increase the productivity and wages of workers.
As economics is presented to students as an element in arguments, only the economics necessary to support the arguments need to be presented. This feature makes "MBA Economics" substantially leaner than the standard text in microeconomics, thereby making it far more accessible.


1. Introduction. Part I: Pure Competition and Efficiency: Product Markets: 2. Product Demand: A Conclusion of the Theory of Consumer Choice. 3. Product Supply: A Conclusion of the Theory of Produce Choice. 4. A Model of Equilibrium Price Determination. 5. Long-Run Tendencies in Purely Competitive Product Markets. 6. Monopoly and Rent-Seeking Activity in Product Markets. Part II: Pure Competition and Equality: Factor Markets: 7. Labour Demand: A Conclusion of the Theory of Produce Choice. 8. Labour Supply: A Conclusion of the Theory of Consumer Choice. 9. A Model of Equilibrium Wage Determination. 10. Long-Run Tendencies in Purely Competitive Labour Markets. 11. Monopsony and Rent-Seeking Activity in Labour Markets. 12. Human Capital.


Professor Mark Jackson teaches both in the economics department and in the MBA program at San Jose State University, California, USA.
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