Automatic Transmission and Transaxle Set: Classroom Manual and Shop Manual Package

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Januar 2004



</I></U> Directly correlating to the ASE testing areas for certified auto mechanics, the Automatic Transmission and Transaxle Set and Shop Manual Package</I></U> has been thoroughly updated and revised with the latest information and hands-on shop procedures dealing with automatic transmissions and transaxles. KEY TOPICS:</I></U> This edition includes coverage of theory, diagnosis, and repair of the latest electronically controlled transmissions and transaxles. It includes transaxles used in popular imported cars, updated terms to comply with SAE J1930, a more comprehensive index and a 2-color, fully illustrated manual. MARKET:</I></U> This package will keep its value over the years, as it will form the core of the master technician's professional library.


Contents of the Classroom Manual I. TRANSMISSION AND TRANSAXLE FUNDAMENTALS. 1. Introduction to Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles. 2. Gears and Gearsets. 3. Hydraulic Fundamentals. 4. Transmission Hydraulic Systems. 5. Fluid Couplings and Torque Converters. 6. Apply Devices. 7. Transmission Fluids, Filters, and Coolers. 8. Gaskets, Seals, Bushings, Bearings, Washers, and Snaprings. II. TRANSMISSION AND TRANSAXLE ELECTRONICS. 9. Basic Computer and Electronic Controls. 10. Electronic Control Systems. Contents of the Shop Manual I. GENERAL SERVICE AND DIAGNOSTIC OPERATIONS. 1. Shop Practices, Measuring, and Conversion. 2. Transmission Fluid, Filters, and Cooler Service. 3. In-Vehicle Service. 4. Preliminary Inspection, Testing, and Diagnosis. 5. Electronic System Diagnosis and Testing. 6. Hydraulic System Diagnosis and Testing. 7. Diagnostic Case Studies. II. TRANSMISSION AND TRANSAXLE OVERHAUL. 8. Transmission and Transaxle Removal and Installation. 9. Torque Converter Testing and Servicing. 10. Transmission Disassembly, Cleaning, and Inspection. 11. Gasket, Seal, Bushing Replacement, and Thread Repair. 12. Unit Assembly. 13. Transmission Bench Testing. III. SPECIFIC OVERHAUL PROCEDURES. 14. Chrysler 41TE. 15. Ford A4LD. 16. Ford AXODE. 17. GM 4L80-E. 18. GM 4T60-E. 19. Mazda GF4A-EL. 20. Toyota A541E.
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