The Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes: The Initiatory Teachings of the Last Supper

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April 2004



Contrary to Church doctrine, the Naassenes were not a heretical derivative of Christianity, but the authentic foundation and purveyor of Jesusactual teachings at the Last Supper. These teachings allow for spiritual attainment in this life by anyone, without the intermediary of Church or priest. This was the real meaning of the Last Supper and why the Naassenes believed that Jesus was the fulfillment of all the Mystery traditions.


Mark H. Gaffney is the author of "Dimona: The Third Temple?" and "The First Tree of the Day." He lives in Oregon.


." . . one book that not only makes the spiritual connections between East and West, but exposes some of the reasons why modern Christianity lacks some of the power that it was originally infused with. . . . a book that you'll want to take back off the shelf again and again because it's "that" important."--Mark Williams, The Midwest Book Review, Apr 2005
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