Surpassing Realism: The Politics of European Integration Since 1945

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Mai 2003



This accessible text provides a concise political history of European integration from the end of World War II to the present. The 'European Project' raises fascinating and important questions: How did Europe's states overcome their traditional rivalries and quarrels to build supranational institutions? What were the economic and geopolitical forces that drove them? Which individual statesmen contributed most to defining the European project? What are the issues that confronted the EU in the last decade and what problems will the EU face as its leaders consider even more advanced forms of political integration? All these questions are addressed by this engaging text, which offers a clear and readable account of the complex historical process by which Europe's unique polity has been built.


Chapter 1: Introduction: An Unusual New Polity Chapter 2: Enemies to Partners: The Politics of Cooperation in Western Europe 1945-1950 Chapter 3: Spillovers and Setbacks: From the Schuman Plan to the Common Market 1950-1958 Chapter 4: In the Shadow of the General: De Gaulle and the EEC 1958-1969 Chapter 5: Weathering the Storm: The EC during the Economic Crises of the 1970s Chapter 6: The 1992 Initiative and the Single European Act Chapter 7: The Maastricht Compromise Chapter 8: Europe Since Maastricht Bibliographical Essay


A highly readable and lucid account of the EU's institutional development from the early postwar years to the present. One of the best general histories of the EU currently available. -- Michael Baun, Valdosta State University Mark Gilbert has written a lively and balanced book on an intricate, difficult, and often contentious subject. At a time when European integration is approaching a crucial stage, Surpassing Realism deserves the widest possible readership. -- Philip M. H. Bell, University of Liverpool Mark Gilbert has produced a very accessible and well-written historical account of European integration. Gilbert brings people and events to life in a way that engages both the student and the specialist. This book will be a must-read for anyone interested in the history and evolution of the European Union. -- Alberta M. Sbragia, University of Pittsburgh An indispensable overview... [W]ell written, well balanced, vivid and refreshingly positive, suitable for both students and specialists in European integration, a rewarding and entertaining read... Gilbert's clearly written and wide-ranging work extends not only to political history but also to the history of institutions, economies and monetary developments. Contemporary European History A balanced historical account [and] a very fine piece of scholarship. It deserves to become a standard text. -- Anthony O'Halloran Political Studies Review
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