St Albans

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St Albans - or Verulamium - was one of the largest and most important towns in Roman Britain, and the site of Britain's first Christian martyrdom. This book traces the evolution of urban government in St Albans, and the people's experiences of the political upheavals that beset England in this period.


Introduction 1 1 Verlamion and Verulamium: The Iron Age and Roman town 7 2 Kingsbury and St Albans: The Anglo-Saxon abbey and town 41 3 Norman Conquest to Black Death 67 4 From the Black Death to the dissolution of the monasteries 101 5 Chartered borough and 'thoroughfare town', 1539-1700 135 7 Economy, society and government, 1700-1835 173 8 Victorian and Edwardian St Albans 209 9 An expanding manufacturing centre, 1914-1945 255 10 'A terribly smug place': St Albans since 1945 287Notes and references 326Appendix: Sources for tables and charts 349Bibliographical note 351Index 353


Dr Mark Freeman was born in St Albans in 1974, and educated at Skyswood JMI school, St Albans School, Merton College Oxford and the University of Glasgow, where he is now a Senior Lecturer in Economic and Social History.
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