Parasite Variation: Volume 125: Immunological and Ecological Significance

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The papers in this volume examine the natural variations in parasites and their hosts, emphasizing the need for information on the nature and origins of their variations. All organisms vary genetically and phenotypically. This variability, when combined with the variety of interactions between parasites and their hosts, leads to the need to understand the practical significance of the variations possible. Variations in host fitness and/or parasite phenotypes can lead to altered disease rates and host mortality. They can also possibly lead to determining improved means of parasite control.


1. Preface M. E. Viney and A. F. Read; 2. Measuring immune selection D. J. Conway and S. D. Polley; 3. A perspective on clonal phenotypic (antigenic) variation in protozoan parasites C. M. R. Turner; 4. Variation and polymorphism in helminth parasites R. M. Maizels and A. Kurniawan-Atmadja; 5. Variation in immunity to intestinal worms D. Wakelin, S. E. Farias and J. E. Bradley; 6. Schistosome genetic diversity: the implications of population structures detected by microsatellite markers J. Curtis, R. E. Sorensen and D. J. Minchella; 7. The epidemiological consequences of optimisation of the individual host immune response G. F. Medley; 8. Costs of resistance in insect-parasite and insect-parasitoid interactions A. R. Kraaijeveld, J. Ferrari and H. C. J. Godfray.
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