Psychological Assessment in the Workplace: A Manager's Guide

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Written in an accessible, jargon-free style, "Psychological Assessment in the Workplace" is a complete guide for managers and HR professionals to use in their everyday work when selecting, promoting and assessing people in their organisations. Each chapter covers a specific assessment practice and provides workable examples, case studies and ideas for test selection. Mark Cook and Barry Cripps draw upon the latest research to provide a thorough critical review of assessment practices such as: screening through application forms, CVs and biodata personality tests getting information via references and ratings competency analysis assessment and development centres traditional interviewing structured interviews workplace counselling performance appraisal Authoritative, reliable and, above all, practical, this book offers the immediate solutions that busy managers and HR professionals need. Its foundation in solid theory and research will also interest occupational psychologists, occupational practitioners in training, and students of psychology and business.


About the Authors. Preface. Chapter 1: Assessment in the Workplace. Chapter 2: Using Psychometric Tests. Chapter 3: Tests of Mental Ability. Chapter 4: Personality Tests. Chapter 5: Sifting and Screening. Chapter 6: References and Ratings. Chapter 7: Competence Analysis. Chapter 8: Assessment and Development Centres. Chapter 9: The Interview. Chapter 10: Structured Interviews. Chapter 11: Other Special Assessment Methods. Chapter 12: Using Assessment to Arrive at a Decision. Chapter 13: Workplace Counselling. Chapter 14: Performance Appraisal. Chapter 15: Training for Testing and Assessment. Chapter 16: Professional and Ethical Issues. Chapter 17: The Future of Assessment. References. Index.


Mark Cook and Barry Cripps are occupational psychologists who combine academic, industry and HR backgrounds with extensive experience of psychological assessment in practice. As trainers and teachers they are fully up to date with current research in this rapidly developing field.

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