Risks and Decisions for Conservation and Environmental Management

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April 2005



Emphasizing the philosophy of uncertainty and the frailties of human psychology when people are confronted with risky situations, this book describes how to conduct a thorough environmental risk assessment. Technical methods are provided to help make assessments more objective and less prone to the biases of those involved in the assessment. Consideration is given to the way in which both subjective beliefs and technical analysis may be used to make better informed decisions.


Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Values, history and perception; 2. Kinds of uncertainty; 3. Conventions and the risk management cycle; 4. Experts, stakeholders and elicitation; 5. Conceptual models and hazard assessment; 6. Risk ranking; 7. Ecotoxicology; 8. Logic trees and decisions; 9. Defining and eliciting intervals; 10. Monte Carlo; 11. Inference, decisions, monitoring and updating; 12. Decisions and risk management; References; Index.


Mark Burgman is Professor of Environmental Science in the University of Melbourne, Australia.


'This book is a must for all in resource management ...' Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand '... aimed at a high level, graduate or higher, audience ... a clear assessment of relevant theories and the concepts required both to understand and undertake qualitative and quantitative risk assessments, and then to make realistic decisions from those assessments.' Journal of Biomedical Education
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