Sisters Katrina & Rita: Poems from the Aftermath

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The voices in this book are those of the survivors, the relief workers, and the other witnesses to the power of Katrina and Rita. Even the storms are given a voice. These poems challenge us to consider the power of the natural world, how the sudden destruction of the external landscape effects a sense of self, and how one might find belonging in such an uncertain world. These eloquent voices need to be heard.

-Margaret J. Hoehn

In Sisters Katrina and Rita, Brodeur contextualizes these hurricanes in the epic tradition of myth and history and destruction. The voices of the hurricanes are primal and elemental, as if Katrina is a child who does not think to feel accountable for the damage she does, and Rita her jealous second sister. These poems have the wisdom of someone who saw the before, during, and after of these storms, and they study the cycle of nature, both human nature and elemental nature, as it lives and dies, rages and surrenders.

-Elisabeth Sharp McKetta

A society is gauged not by how it treats its healthy and fortunate, but how it handles its sick and unfortunate citizens. This is the focus of Brodeur's poems. They explore the realm of human suffering and tragedy after physical and moral failure. Sisters Katrina and Rita audibly takes us into the world of our ethical relationships with one another, and what we hear there is our own cultural history skillfully revealed in graphic and truthful detail. In historical terms, this is an authentic and important book.

-Bryan Mark Rigg
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