A Place to Stand: Essays for Educators in Troubled Times

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März 2003



"A Place to Stand "is for pragmatic idealists--people who can imagine a better world and are committed toward working toward it; individuals who are dissatisfied with the status quo and discouraged at the pace of change; people who are passionate about making the world a better place but realistic about what it takes to accomplish it. This book of essays, wonderfully introduced by Mary Catherine Bateson, offers hope in the maelstrom of change that surrounds educators today. Collectively, the essays provide a coherent approach to identifying problems and formulating strategies for solving them, but not a sequential, logical approach to effecting change. The essays are intended as resources for individuals trying to change things, and he assumes that people working for change are willing to change themselves as part of the process.


The way things are : the rationale for this book -- A systems perspective of changing, teaching, and learning -- Elements of the change process -- Changing things : the rhythms of reform and resistance -- Coherence : aligning thought and action in teaching -- Empowerment : issues, constraints, and cautionary comments -- Finding a place to stand : teaching in dangerous times.
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