Shortcuts to Beginning Reading: A How-To Manual

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A handbook that collects in one volume the strong points from many popular teaching methods to build reading 'fluency'--that point where the reader is reading at a level where he or she recognizes words quickly without having to stop and decode them. Based on the author's over 30 years of experience in working with students of all ages and all levels of ability.


Marie L. Myers, an experienced Professor of Teacher Education who specializes in innovative teaching methods, is currently adapting reading and mathematics methodologies to bilingual education.


This practical and professional title...makes it easy to access the strategies presented and gives the book a user-friendly feel...most useful for teachers of beginning readers. Emergency Librarian ...a practical, basic manual for reading teachers, parents, and librarians...written without technical jargon or lengthy philosophical discussions...will be enormously helpful to inexperienced reading teachers, to parents who wish to help their children 'jump start' into reading, and even to home schoolers who want a simple, effective plan for creating lifetime readers. VOYA Myers has truly written a how-to manual about beginning reading...tutors, parents, teachers, librarians, or others concerned with reading will find this text useful...Myers provides a summary of ideas, thoughts, strategies, and philosophies about beginning reading in this work. Having this book is like having a reading supervisor sitting on your shelf ready with a direct answer to your reading question. Lisca
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