Complex Sorrow: Reflections on Cancer and an Abbreviated Life

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Dezember 1993



In 1988, Marianne Paget published the "Unity of Mistakes: A Phenomenological Interpretation of Medical Work" in which she argued that error is an intrinsic feature in medicine an experimental and uncertain activity. This work features a collection of her personal and professional writings on the phenomenon of error in medicine.


Acknowledgments Editor's Introduction 1. Life Mirrors Work Mirrors Text Mirrors Life... 2. Performing the Text 3. The Work of Talk 4. Letters to My Friends 5. Journal Notes Epilogue --Marjorie L. DeVault Notes References


"The author's multiple voices--scholar, sociologist, victim--provide an academic, yet personal, professional, yet poignant, story...Readers face...the 'contradictory meanings' that an especially articulate woman brings to the final chapter of her life." --Women and Health "Paget's book is stunning. It's a tribute to the invulnerable human spirit. The woman burned like a flame; obviously she died well, because she lived well; she was loved because she was loving. The book is tremendously sad, but it isn't depressing; somehow, one is left with a sense of human possibility." --Joan Cassell, author of Expected Miracles: Surgeons at Work
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