A Midwest Gardener S Cookbook

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April 1996



..". speaks eloquently to anyone who resolves to live close to theearth, and to eat well and frugally." -- IndianapolisMonthly
"Marian Towne has done a superb -- andwitty -- job!" -- The Weedpatch Gazette
Thismarvelous cookbook, the product of 50 years of cookery according to seasonalprinciples, contains hundreds of recipes for more than 90 different fruits, vegetables, and herbs (including such wild crops as mulberries, pawpaws, andviolets), locally grown and used at their peak of flavor and freshness. Take it withyou as you stroll through the local farmer's market, or consult it after bringing inthe harvest from your own garden.


MARIAN K. TOWNE was born in South Dakota during the Great Depression. In her Mennonite farm family, wasting food was anathema. Wherever she has lived in the Midwest, she and her family have purchased locally grown fresh produce, gardened, and cooked. She is also the author of Bread of Life, Diaries and Memories of a Dakota Family, 1936 1945 and The Onliest One Alive: Surviving Jonestown, Guyana."
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