Drumming for the Gods

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This compelling book presents the life history of the Afro-Cuban artist whose music has survived both political and personal upheaval. A practitioner of sacred drumming for almost his entire life, Felipe practiced his trade in Cuba both before and after the Revolution and he brought it with him to New York, where he continues to play for the gods.


Acknowledgments A Note on Spelling Prologue Part I: Learning the Trade 1. Background 2. Entrance into the Afro-Cuban Religious World 3. Early Musical Experiences 4. Learning to Play Bata 5. History of the Drums Part II: Life as a Musician during the Revolution 6. Making Ends Meet 7. Becoming a "Cultural Worker" 8. Performing Afro-Cuban Religious Music in Secular Public Contexts 9. Performing Afro-Cuban Religious Music in Private Ritual Contexts 10. Searching for Alternatives: Becoming a Craftsman of Religious Objects 11. Crafting A Bembe Drum: "Manufacturing" Material Culture to Obey the Orichas" Part III: Life as a Diasporic Musician 12. Leaving Cuba 13. Building the Present: Exercising His Trade in His New Home 14. The Tools of the Trade 15. The Artisan Transformed into an Artist 16. Filipe's "There" Faces His "Here" 17. The Struggle of Memory over Forgetting Epilogue Notes Bibliography Glossary Index Photographs


"This is without a doubt the most comprehensive English language study of an individual Cuban religious drummer." --Steve Cornelius "Drumming for the Gods constitutes an impressive accomplishment and includes a great deal of previously unavailable information. It represents a significant contribution to existing literature on Cuban music and cultural history." --Robin Moore, Temple University "[This book] documents the musical traditions of the Afro-Christian Santaria cults through the life history of one of Cuba's most esteemed practitioners of sacred drumming." --Institute for Studies in American Music Newsletter
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Untertitel: The Life and Times of Felips Garcaia Villamil, Santero, Palero, and Abakuaa. 'Studies in Latin American and Caribbean Music Series'. 1 figure, 27 b&w photographs. Sprache: Englisch.
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