Fundamentals of Meal Management

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For undergraduate courses in Introduction to Foods and Menu Planning in Hospitality and Foods and Nutrition departments.

Fundamentals of Meal Management, Fifth Edition has been revised to incorporate the influences of contemporary lifestyle and world politics on meal management in restaurants, institutions, and the home. Among the concerns that have come to the forefront are food safety and the importance of food for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight while also maximizing the sociability, pleasure, and comfort that good food can bring to our lives. This book has been revised to facilitate the mastery of the knowledge required to produce and serve healthful, appetizing, and beautiful meals.


I. PLANNING MEALS. 1. Defining Menu Parameters. 2. Nutrition in Meal Planning. 3. Menu Planning. II. FOOD BUYING. 4. Managing Marketing. 5. Buying Dairy Products and Substitutes. 6. Buying Protein-Rich Foods. 7. Buying Fruits and Vegetables. 8. Buying Grains and Grain Products. 9. Buying Other Foods. III. MANAGEMENT DECISIONS. 10. Food Safety. 11. Organizing the Kitchen. 12. Time and Energy Management. IV. SERVICE AND HOSPITALITY. 13. Setting the Table. 14. Methods of Meal Service. 15. Hospitality. 16. Special Occasions. 17. Manners in the Cultural Milieu APPENDICES. A. Meat Carving. B. Turkey Carving. C. Nutritive Values of the Edible Parts of Food.
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