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A manageable 30 day structure stimulates interest and produces tangible results.


Dedication Acknowledgements Introduction Day 1: Agreement of verb and subject Day 2: Reporting speech Day 3: The present tense Day 4: Statistics and numbers Day 5: Adjective agreements Day 6: Comparatives and superlatives Day 7: Alternatives to adverbs Day 8: Use of articles Day 9: Quantifiers Day 10: Use of tenses with si Day 11: False friends and Anglicized spelling Day 12: Past tenses Day 13: Expressions of time Day 14: Agreement of past participles Day 15: Pronominal verbs Day 16: The passive Day 17: Alternatives to the passive Day 18: Personal pronouns Day 19: The negative Day 20: Inversion of subject and verb Day 21: Relative pronouns Day 22: The infinitive and present participle Day 23: Logical connectors Day 24: Modal verbs Day 25: Sentence openings Day 26: Conjunctions Day 27: Highlighting and emphasis Day 28: Verb constructions Day 29: Accents, elision and capitalization Day 30: Test: Key points Progress chart Answers to exercises Bibliogrpahy Index


Margaret Jubb is Senior Lecturer in French at the University of Aberdeen.


"The content of the book is well organised. The language pitch used speaks directly to the student, with a friendly tone running throughout the book. It is also informative and reassuring for the less confident." Lorna Baines, Francophonie, No. 37, Spring 2008
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