A Dog's Wisdom: A Heartwarming View of Life

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August 2005



Live spontaneously. Be who you are. Hang tough. Be curious. Take a siesta. Through a collection of delightful vignettes, author and dog-lover extraordinaire Maggie Bonham shares the lessons she's learned from beloved dogs. Dogs live in the moment, forgetting yesterday's slights and not worrying about tomorrow's plight, but finding joy and contentment wherever they can. Following their instinctive lead can enrich your philosophies on home, work, play, friends, love, relationships, raising a family, life, health, and more. Complete with tips from canines Kodiak, Kira, Ranger, and Haegl, A Dog's Wisdom is a stirring celebration of the special bond between people and the dogs they love. Through compelling stories and touching photographs, A Dog's Wisdom will inspire you to look at the world with renewed enthusiasm and wonderand to look at your best friends even more appreciatively and affectionately.


Acknowledgments. Foreword by Steve Dale. Preface. Meet the Dogs with Wisdom. 1. A Dog's Life. 2. That Denning Instinct. 3. Marking Territory. 4. Working Dogs. 5. Party Animals. 6. Tail Wags. 7. Puppy Love. 8. Family Values. 9. Stay Healthy. 10. Believe in Yourself. Appendix Treats to Show Your Love.


MARGARET H. BONHAM is a three-time winner of the prestigious Maxwell Award for writing excellence. She has authored eighteen current or upcoming books, including The Complete Guide to Mutts (Wiley). Maggie trains various breeds for agility, sled dog racing, obedience, and conformation. She currently lives with nineteen dogs and one cat. Steve Dale authors the bi-weekly syndicated column My Pet World, which reaches an estimated 16 million readers. He is also the host of several radio shows, including The Pet News with Steve Dale. Steve has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and National Geographic Explorer.

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