The Struggle for Women's Rights: Theoretical and Historical Sources

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November 1998



This book presents theoretical and historical sources focusing on a single issue, the struggle for women's suffrage. It explores women's nature and discusses how different views of women's nature have direct implications concerning public policies. The book's narrow focus allows one to follow different lines of argument directed at a single issue, as opposed to a set of widely different debates, as are common in most other collections. Selections present clear accounts of different conceptions of women's nature and their practical implications providing historical, as well as, theoretical insights. Presents historical and theoretical sources, including substantial selections from the important theoretical works of J.S. Mill "and Mary Wolstonecraft." Includes sources from both the U.S. and Britain. Includes substantial selections from anti-suffrage sources-- he only book to feature an in-depth debate on one of the most important issue of the Women's Movement: the right to vote"; enables readers to trace the practical implications of widely different conceptions of women's nature.

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