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In the politically charged city of Norhaven, believers of the ancient Lord Prosperous, the Alpha and Omega Spirits, face persecution due to the powers that those beliefs grant them. Fifteen year old Rain Nazeroth knows all about this - his alcoholic father hates spirits and supports anything that will cause their downfall. Despite the spirits' duty to protect mankind no matter what discrimination they face, the Omega Spirits, led by the vile Queen Z, decide to rebel with a bioterrorist threat that will wreck the city. The only way the Alpha Spirits can stop them is under the leadership of their predetermined messiah - Rain. But can they convince him to be their leader, despite the fact that his father would disown him, and his best friend, Kendo Holifax, is the young man destined to be his enemy as the messiah of the Omega Spirits? A young adult fantasy with a deep perspective on social struggle, Raincloud will challenge your perspective, and free your mind at will.

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