Blood Red, Snow White

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Mai 2008



Sedgwick's ambitious and confident teenage novel, which sold over 12,000 copies in hardback, now available in paperback. Set at the time of the Russian Revolution, and the end of a centuries old dynasty, this is the story of one man who was there. Fictionalising history and blending it with real life, it's part fairy tale, part spy thriller, part love story, and a multi-layered novel from the author of "The Dead Days" books. There will be a major marketing and publicity campaign. Ages: 12+. '...a sophisticated novel... written with a rare sureness of touch... will reward readers of any age' "Sunday Times"


Marcus Sedgwick used to work in children's publishing and before that he was a bookseller. He now happily writes full-time. His books have been shortlisted for many awards, including The GUARDIAN CHILDREN'S FICTION AWARD, the BLUE PETER BOOK AWARD, the CARNEGIE MEDAL and the EDGAR ALLAN POE AWARD. Marcus lives in Cambridge and has a teenage daughter, Alice. Find his website at and follow him on Twitter @marcussedgwick
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