The Pig and the Skyscraper: Chicago: A History of Our Future

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D'Eramo presents an invigorating history that transforms the way we think about the city and the development of American capitalism.


Marco d'Eramo studied sociology with Pierre Bourdieu in Paris. He is a regular contributor to the newspaper Il manifesto and has written several books.


"Chicago, America's megalopolis-as-metaphor, has found its leftward de Toqueville in Marco d'Eramo. His book is as rare as an Indian Head penny and as hard as truth. It is a book that Algren, Dreiser, Altgeld and Darrow would have acclaimed as 'on the button'." -- Studs Terkel "d'Eramo looks to Chicago both as a guide to what the future might be like for European and other cities, but also as a warning about what to avoid." - Chicago Tribune "Little in the urban scene escapes his attention, and his polemic is a fascinating and wide-ranging contribution to contemporary social thought." -- Choice "d'Eramo's demonstration of the transfiguring power of capital is compelling." - Guardian "This kaleidoscope of a book, with its ability to surprise at every turn of the page, to excite the reader with a fresh insight, a new way of seeing, is to be strongly recommended." - Frontline "d'Eramo's book examines different institutions that originated or flourished in Chicago ... rather than narrating a straightforward history. But he does so not just to understand the city of the united States, but also what it means to be 'modern'" - In These Times "A serious-minded and acutely insightful social analysis of Chicago as the penultimate example of the modern metropolis ... A fascinating, in-depth account." - Bookwatch "For anyone concerned to gain a full-frontal view of 'capitalism without a G-string', this is compelling reading." - Socialist review
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