Gender and Modernity in Andean Bolivia

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Explores how Bolivia's desire for a racially and culturally homogenous society has been deployed through images of womanhood. This book analyzes how the interlocking tropes of fashion, motherhood, domestication, hygiene, and hunger are used as tools for the production of dominant, racialized ideologies of womanhood.


AcknowledgmentsIntroduction. Race, Gender, and Modernity in the Bolivian Andes; One. Skirts and Polleras: Ideologies of Womanhood and the Politics of Resistance in La Paz, 1900-1952; Two. Mothering The Nation: Antonio Diaz Villamil's La nina de sus Ojos; Three. Dismembered Houses; Four. Fashioning The National Subject: Pedagogy, Hygiene, and Apparel; Five. The Politics of Hunger; Afterword. "'AlterNative' Institutions" Notes; Bibliography; Index


"Gender and Modernity is a valuable contribution to our understanding of ethnic and gender relations in Bolivia. Stephenson achieves an original reading of the complex role of the state efforts to maintain their cultural identity and integrity in the face of a design to mask ethnicity. This is a rich book, full of intriguing and original ideas, and a must for students of modernization and social change." HAHR "This is an important feminist/cultural studies reading on the subject of racial formation in Andean Bolivia that has women at its center... It would be useful for courses such as Latin American women's history, feminist theory, cultural studies, the anthropology of women, gender studies, history of consciousness, and Andean studies." Guillermo Delgado-P., Director, Latin American and Latino Field Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz
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