Blues for the Buffalo

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Juni 2004



Luis Montez, a "once-suspended, charged-with-multiple-felonies, formerly-on


Manuel Ramos is an attorney and part-time professor at Metropolitan State College of Denver. His debut novel, "The Ballad of Rocky Ruiz "(Northwestern, 2004), was nominated for an Edgar. His other awards include the 1994 Colorado Book Award for Fiction and the 1991 Chicano/Latino Literary Award. Two of his other Montez novels-"The Last Client of Luis Montez" (2004) and "The Ballad of Gato Guerrero" (2004)-are also published by Northwestern University Press. "Brown-on-Brown" (New Mexico, 2003) is the latest novel in the Luis Montez series. Ramos lives in Denver, Colorado.


"My favorite attorney, Luis Montez, is introspective and sensitive, and he's also a macho in the best sense. I couldn't put down this superbly written mystery. Thumbs up for Ramos." - Rudolfo Anaya, author of Alburquerque; "Wonderful smells, sounds, and flavors permeate the pages of this fourth outing for bedraggled lawyer Luis Montez..., Ramos succeeds brilliantly in marrying style and substance to form a seamlessly entertaining novel [with] characters and scenes deeply etched with admirable brevity and skill." - Publishers Weekly, starred review"
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