Musica Tejana: The Cultural Economy of Artistic Transformation

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April 1999



Texas-Mexican music, or musica tejana, is not one single music but several musica and musico-literary genres, ensembles, and their styles, encompassing the corrido, cancion, and what author Manuel Pena calls the cancion-corrido. Musica tejana also includes two major regional ensembles and their styles -- the conjunto and the Texas-Mexican version of the orquesta. A more recent crop of synthesizer-driven ensembles and their styles, known since the mid-eighties as "Tejano, " is another representative of musica tejana.Despite their diversity, these ensembles, genres, and styles share two fundamental characteristics: they are all homegrown, and they all speak fundamental social processes shaping Texas-Mexican society. As Pena argues, they represent a transforming cultural economy and its effects on Texas-Mexicans.


Manuel Pena, who received his Ph.D. in ethnomusicology and folklore from the University of Texas, has been a professor of anthropology and music at the University of Texas at Austin and California State University, Fresno. He is the author of "The Texas-Mexican ""Conjunto"" History of a Working-Class Music" and "The Mexican American" Orquesta: "Music, Culture, and the Dialectic of Conflict."
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