The Achievement Gap in U.S. Education: Canaries in the Mine

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Here, Mano Singham takes a look at the problem of the Black/White achievement gap in the context of larger political realities and argues that in order to understand it we must determine what is happening within the educational system as a whole.


Part 1 Acknowledgments Chapter 2 1 Introduction Chapter 3 2 Education in the Broad Political Context Chapter 4 3 Myths about the Achievement Gap Chapter 5 4 The Case against the Genetic Model Chapter 6 5 Income, Wealth, and the Achievement Gap Chapter 7 6 Other Possible Causes of the Gap Chapter 8 7 Success Stories and What We Can Learn from Them Chapter 9 8 Why Good Teaching Matters and What It Takes to Achieve It Chapter 10 9 Why Good Teaching Practices Are Relatively Rare in U.S. Schools and Even Rarer in Poor and Minority Schools Chapter 11 10 How and Why Did It Get This Way? Part 12 Index Part 13 About the Author


Mano Singham is director of the University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education and adjunct associate professor of physics at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.


Singham looks at the problem of the black-white achievement gap in US education in the context of larger political realities, and contends that in order to understand this gap, we must know what is happening with the educational system as a whole. Reference and Research Book News
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