Avoiding Claims in Building Design: Risk Management in Practice

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Juni 2000



The chance of being claimed against is now a major risk factor for every building designer, quantity surveyor and project manager. Quite apart from the many cases which go to court, many other claims are settled before they reach the courts. The cost of insurance to meet claims is now a substantial component of every practice's overheads. Sensible risk management can identify the potential sources of claims, reduce their likelihood, warn the practice of impending trouble and control how the claim is to be defended.
This book sets out how to plan a risk management strategy and suggests techniques which can supplement the practice's existing management procedures without imposing unnecessary bureaucracy. It attaches as much importance to the interaction of risk between members of the design team as the risk profile of the practice itself.


Introduction: Part 1 -- Principles and Practice of Risk Management; Defining and identifying risk; Risk anatomy of practice; A view of the professions; Their risk patterns;. The boundaries of risk between the professions; Quality assurance and risk management compared; Relationships between practitioner; Insurers and legal professions; Steps necessary to introduce risk management into the office: Part 2 -- The Techniques of Risk Management; Setting up appointment; Creating the team; Means of controlling resourcing; Managing the job; Health and safety; CDM; The building procurement process; Tendering and contract award; Administering the building contract; Post--completion; How to handle claims against the practice; Archiving; I.T.; Appendices


Malcolm Taylor FRICS was a partner in Building Design Partnership responsible for co--ordination of quality in practice operation including professional indemnity matters, terms of engagement and building contracts. He led the team which introduced a quality management system and obtained ISO 9001 certification. He has lectured and written widely on management systems for construction professionals, including contractual and quality assurance aspects.
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