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Hauntingly beautiful forests and bushland of Australia are the
settings for this romantic adventure of forbidden love, tragedy
and jealousy across generations still haunted by memories of
passion and betrayal.

The wealthy and powerful Lancasters own diamond
mines in the breathtaking Kimberley Ranges.
Katrina, their beautiful daughter, has a choice of men.
Ryan Curtis, facing the challenges of growing older and
leaving his boyhood town, is one such beau.
But there is something special about the young man -
Mundego - and his incredible ability with horses, nature
and the spiritual world that has captivated her, attracting
her with a raw passion like a diamond glinting in the sunlight.
Country secrets, bonds of true friendship, the joy and healing
power of horses, the power of the spiritual world, 
where all time is eternally present, both the present and the past 
with a dramatic climax.

Graphic and emotional, the story strips away the torn
and tattered bark of a seemingly tranquil rural town
grappling with the dark secrets of its past.
 A catharsis in the pines where dark birds are uncaged and
set free. For most, time will see them vanish.
Love and friendship proves to be the unifying thread.
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