Feminism and Social Justice in Education

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Juli 1993



Gathers together notable educators from five different countries to examine contemporary feminist politics and practice in education. It presents a response to recent developments in education and feminist theorising and the restructuring of educational provision.


SELECTED CONTENTS: Theories of Family Change, Motherhood and Education, Miriam E David Getting Out From Down Under: Maori Women, Education and the Struggle for Mana Wahine, Heidi Safia Mirza Shell Shock or Sisterhood: English School History and Feminist Practice, Gaby Weiner Othermothers: Exploring the Educational Philosophy of Black American Women Teachers, Michele Foster Contradictions in Terms: Women Academics in British Universities, Sandra Acker Feminism and Australian State Policy: Some Questions for the 1990s, Lyn Yates Feminism and the Struggle for a Democratic Education: A View from the United States, Kathleen Weiler.
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