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A firsthand account of a one-year journey around the world in the company of a tantric teacher, As It Is catalogs the trials and wonders of day-to-day interactions between a teacher and his students and presents a broad range of his teachings, given in seminars from San Francisco, California, to Rishikesh, India. As It Is considers the core principles of tantra, including nonduality; compassion, the Bodhisattva ideal; service to others and transformation within daily life.Written as a narrative, this captivating book will appeal to practitioners of any spiritual path. Readers interested in a life of clarity, genuine creativity, wisdom and harmony will find this an invaluable resource.


Introduction; November / December 1998; January 1999; February 1999; March 19999; April 1999; June 1999; July 1999; August 1999; September 1999; October 1999; November 1999.
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Untertitel: A Year on the Road with a Tantric Teacher. b/w photos. Sprache: Englisch.
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