US Policy Towards the Muslim World: Focus on Post 9/11 Period

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Juni 2010



The volume, comprised of fourteen contributions from specialists in the field, is a serious attempt to address and analyze key factors affecting US interests. It suggests measures for the US policy makers and provides a policy framework for enabling the US to face challenges and opportunities in the Muslim world.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 1. 'Islam' and US Foreign Policy Chapter 4 2. President Obama and the Muslim World Chapter 5 3. Why Do They Hate Us? Anti-US Sentiment and the Battle to Win Hearts and Minds Chapter 6 4. Why the US Image Declined in the Muslim World? Chapter 7 5. Impact of US Anti-Terrorist Financing Laws on Muslim International Charities Chapter 8 6. American Media and the Muslim World Chapter 9 7. 11 September 2001 Attack on US and West Asia Chapter 10 8. Probing Smart Power Paradigm in US-Iran Relations Chapter 11 9. Neo-Conning America: Deception and the Iraq War Chapter 12 10. US-Pakistan Relations after 9/11: Threats and Responses Chapter 13 11. US-Bangladesh Relations: From Initial Hostility to Enduring Partnership Chapter 14 12. Post- 9/11 United States Policy towards Afghanistan Chapter 15 13. International Terrorism and Religious Extremism: Challenges to US and India Chapter 16 14. US in Eurasia: Geopolitical Overtures on a Treacherous Terrain Chapter 17 List of Contributors Chapter 18 Index


M. Saleem Kidwai is a faculty member at the Centre for Canadian, US & Latin American Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, JNU.
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