Social Policy in East and Southeast Asia: Education, Health, Housing and Income Maintenance

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September 2012



Social Policy in East and South East Asia provides the first systematic comparison of the policy sectors of income maintenance, health, housing and education in Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. It focuses particularly on the provision and financing arrangements of these four Asian newly industrialized economies and their outcomes in terms of adequacy, efficiency and equity, drawing on extensive primary research carried out by the author. Locating the importance of Asian social policies in the wake of the recent financial crisis in the region, this work provides a comprehensive analysis of the different types of welfare state in contemporary Asia.


1. Introduction2. Socio-Economic Background3. Income Maintenance4. Health5. Housing6. Education7. Conclusion


M. Ramesh is Senior Fellow in the Public Policy Program at the National University of Singapore and Associate Professor (on leave) in Government the University of Sydney.


'This must now be the best source for an account of social policy within Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.' - Social Policy 'Those who are interested in East Asian studies and comparative social policy studies in East Asia should read this book.' - Ka Ho Mok, University of Bristol, in Political Studies Review
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