Working with Substance Misusers

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This textbook has been specially written by experienced teachers and clinicians for all professionals working in the field of substance use for the first time. Using role playing, clinical scenarios and reader activities to aid understanding, "Working with Substance" "Users" covers key theory and practice links, types of use and treatment, specific client groups, social policy, and service issues. Each chapter highlights the appropriate evidence base, encourages the student to reflect critically on what they have read and to consider the implications for practice.


Part One: Introduction
1. Some Substance of Misuse
2. Exploring Substance Misuse and Dependence; Explanations, Theories and Models
3. Working Effectively with Substance Misusers Part Two
4. Client Assessment
5. Behavioural and Cognitive Behavioural Approaches to Substance Misuse Treatment
6. Motivationally Based Interventions for Behaviour Change
7. Brief Interventions, Brief Interactions
8. Harm Minimisation
9. Twelve Step Approaches
10. Family Interventions in Substance Misuse
11. Medical Approaches and Prescribing: Drugs
12. Medical Approaches and Prescribing: Alcohol
13. Physical Health Problems
14. Relapse Prevention
15. Home Detoxification 16 Complementary or Alternative Medicine for Substance Misuse Part Three 17 A Suitable Case for Treatment - An Introduction to British Drug Policy 18. Coercion and the Criminal Justice System 19. Health Promotion, Public Health and Substance Misuse 20. Organisation of services - Putting It All Together 21. Evaluating Treatment Services Part Four 22. Dual Diagnosis 23. Women and Alcohol 24. Drug Use and Women's Reproductive Health 25. Young People 26. Anti-discriminatory Practice in Substance Misuse Work 27. Substance Misuse and Older People 28. Androgenic-anabolic Steroid Misuers Part Five 29. Case Studies
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