Feminism/ Postmodernism/ Development

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August 1995



In a world where global restructuring is leading to both integration and fragmentation, the meaning and practice of development are increasingly contested. New voices from the South are challenging Northern control over development.
Feminism/Postmodernism/Development is a comprehensive study of this power struggle. It examines new issues, "voices," and dilemmas in development theory and practice. Drawing on the experiences of women from Africa, Latin America, and Asia, as well as women of colour, this collection questions established development practices and suggests the need to incorporate issues such as identity, representation, indigenous knowledge, and political action.
Feminism/Postmodernism/Development acknowledges the importance of Third World and minority women's experiences. It acknowledges their importance for development and suggests that postmodernist insights can enhance their quest for empowerment.


..."effectively criticizes the usual approaches to women in development as silencing the voices and disguising the agency and complexity of the variety of postcolonial women...even questions the role of the "expert" as social construction...most useful."
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