Holocaust: A Q&A Guide to Help Young Adults Really Understand the Holocaust

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November 2006



Designed for middle and high school students, Holocaust: A Q & A Guide to Help Young Adults Really Understand the Holocaust is an approachable guide and useful tool for educators and students alike. M. Guyle Crispin's work offers answers to 94 student-generated questions about the Holocaust and WWII and develops key themes to help students and educators understand both the content and the overall timeframe of events.


Chapter 1 Introduction: Why do we need another Holocaust Book? Chapter 2 Acknowledgements Part 3 Section 1: How Did World War I Change Germany? Part 4 Section 2: How Did the Nazis Rise to Power? Part 5 Section 3: What Were the Ghettos? Part 6 Section 4: Why Did the Nazis Move the Jews from Ghettos to Camps? Part 7 Section 5: How Did World War II and the Holocaust End? Part 8 Literary Readers Update Chapter 9 Epilogue Chapter 10 Glossary Chapter 11 Bibliography Chapter 12 Photo Credits


M. Guyle Crispin is a public educator in California. He holds a B.A. in Literature/Writing from California State University.
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