Principles & Practice of Urology

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Principles and Practice of Urology (Volumes I and II) was created to provide a fresh, practical and concise review of the important urological issues faced in the daily practice. An easy and simple style is used to discuss the different urological diseases. This comprehensive and compact presentation serves the undergraduate and postgraduate medical student as a text book while providing a rapid review of the subject with reference work for the experienced professional, including General Surgeons, gynecologists, oncologist, neurologists, neurosurgeons, pediatric surgeons, spinal surgeons, nephrologists and physicians.

The first chapter of the book describes the scholars of urology in the past few centuries and introduces their innovative works. This is followed by 16 different sections containing about 108 urological topics described in the simplest possible way. This book is clearly illustrated with plenty of original clinical photographs and about 500 line diagrams to explain the text. Flow charts are included at the end of the major chapters to outline the practical management of the clinical problems. In two volumes, this book is ideal for rapid reference, providing instant help in the out patient, in the ward, or in any setting with patients suffering from urological problems.

Volume-I covers basic science and clinical urology including chapters on: Section 1: Evolution of Urological Techniques
Section 2: Clinical Observation
Section 3: Investigations of Urological Disease
Section 4: Pediatric Urology
Section 5: General Urology
Section 6: Emergency Urology
Section 7: Genitourinary Infection
Section 8: Genitourinary Obstruction
Section 9: Female Urology
Section 10: Neuro-urology

Volume-II covers clinical and practical urology including chapters on:
Section 11: Reconstructive Urology
Section 12: Uro-oncology
Section 13: Uro-lithiasis
Section 14: Reproductive urology
Section 15: Practical urology
Section 16: Renal transplant
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