Metaphor in Educational Discourse

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This book reports research into metaphor in use with school students. It is one of the first studies of metaphor to investigate the phenomenon in contextualised discourse, to adopt a socio-cultural approach to metaphor and to introduce the relatively new science of complex dynamic systems which offers new and potentially fruitful analogies for the analysis of educational discourse.


Part 1 Introduction to constructs: metaphor in discourse -review of current research and theory in metaphor; talking, thinking and learning - theoretical background. Part 2 Metaphor in the dynamics of classroom discourse: researching metaphor in classroom discourse; qualitative analysis of metaphor in classroom discourse; metaphor in the dynamics of discourse action; systemic metaphors. Part 3 Metaphor interpretation and learning: researching metaphor interpretation; metaphors in text 1 - the ozone layer; metaphors in text 2 - the heart; interpreting metaphors through a second language; supporting the understanding of metaphor in discourse. Part 4 The emergence of metaphor in discourse: playing with metaphor; the emergence of new metaphor in talk. Part 5 Implications: an applied linguistic perspective on metaphor - review of implications.


'Metaphor in Educational Discourse is a superb piece of applied linguistics research that integrates Vygotsky's theory of concepts with current work on metaphor into a coherent framework for investigating how teachers and learners negotiate figurative language in order to promote development in the classroom setting. In what is likely to become the standard for future studies in this area, Lynne Cameron meticulously demonstrates the central role of linguistic metaphors in classroom learning - designed to lead learners to a deeper understanding of complex mathematical and scientific concepts.'--Sanford Lakoff
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