Jews in Germany After the Holocaust: Memory, Identity, and Jewish-German Relations

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August 1997



Interviews with Jews born in post-Holocaust Germany address questions of collective memory and ethnicity.


Prologue: setting the stage: the Jewish community of Frankfurt and the voices of its members; 1. Introduction; 2. Living in the land of the murderers?: How Jews who live in Germany view Germans; 3. Here in Germany I am a Jew: identity images and the criteria for group membership; 4. I have German citizenship but I wouldn't call myself a German: ethnic group loyalties and the lack of national affiliations; 5. My friends are not typical Germans: the character of Jewish-German friendships; 6. Interethnic intimacy: the character of German-Jewish sex, love, and intermarriage; 7. Theoretical implications and future research; Appendix: methodology.


'... fascinating work ... compelling exploration.' Jewish Chronicle 'Rapaport's fine study demonstrates powerfully how a deeply experienced 'otherness' can reproduce itself daily in a situation devoid of any objective differences and ostensible discrimination ... excellent book'. American Journal of Sociology
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