The Workings of the Household: Philosophy, Politics and Scientific Method

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Januar 1991



This book examines the organization of domestic life in the context of recent economic change. Lydia Morris argues that relationships within the household can only be understood with reference to the social and economic environment in which it is located.


1. Introduction. 2. Male Unemployment. 3. The Variable Experience of Male Unemployment. 4. Employment for Women. 5. The Division of Domestic Labour. 6. Household Finance. 7. Womena s Unemployment. 8. Young People and the Household. 9. The Household in Social Context. 10. Conclusion. References.


Lydia Morris has completed research on the household in poverty and economic decline in Puerto Rico, Mexico, South Wales and North East England. Her recent work has focussed particularly on the social and gender effects of male unemployment.


a Impressive and original.a Times Higher Education Supplement a Judicous, intelligent booka Culture and Society a An invaluable bridge between the labour market and family studies; it will be essential as an undergraduate text and source for practitioners.a Sociology a Lydia Morris has produced an extremely useful guide to the proliferating body of research within social science which takes the household as its unit of analysis... an admirable book, interesting and thought--provoking. Well--written, clear and concise, it is to be recommended to anyone working in the areas it coversa Reviewing Sociology
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