Special Dream - After the Death of a Loved One

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Special Dream is about life and the power of love, and our connection with each other, even after death. This fascinating new book looks at the secret of life after death and the mystery that happens to 3% of the population after someone close to them dies and appears to them in a dream. This newly identified dream was experienced first hand by the author, a university professor, who conducted research on the topic and studied over three hundred dream stories submitted from people across America. Everyone interviewed for this book received a special dream and tucked inside these pages contain their true personal stories. Powerful, fascinating dream stories that are a major breakthrough in revealing the power of love and how it transcends time and distance, even after death. Learn more about this newly identified dream experience and expand your horizons in the fields of psychology, bereavement, and spirituality. This book is a towering achievement that has opened new doors of understanding to the connection we share with each other and will be discussed for years to come.

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