Star the Tooth Fairy from Treasure Cloud Shares Secrets with You!

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April 2010



YOUR Connection to Tooth Fairy, Fun Magic & More! Give your special child magical fun, while simultaneously helping he or she understand the importance of good oral health and more. Be ready for that Loose or Lost Tooth and the Tooth Fairy's visit! Find out where the Tooth Fairy lives, how the Tooth Fairy has fun, and what the Tooth Fairy does with all those baby teeth. Star the Tooth Fairy teaches children about their baby teeth and how to maintain a healthy smile that will last a lifetime with bright, white, fantastic teeth! Plus, helps children overcome the fear of losing their baby teeth. Truly a magnificent addition to YOUR Special Children's book shelves. The First Chronicle in The "Tooth Fairy Chronicle" Series! Purchase four hard copy Star the Tooth Fairy books and receive FREE Tooth Stationary Set, Tooth Box & Tooth Ring for your Special Child...for details visit: or

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