The Meditator's Guidebook

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Juli 1996



This guide illuminates the basic process that is initiated when someone seriously begins to learn meditation in any tradition or with any technique. Moving from initial efforts to still the mind to advanced techniques for transcending the idea of meditation, the author describes with precision the benefits and pitfalls of meditation.


Born in Australia, Lucy Oliver came to England in 1971, where she received a diploma in Ethnology from Oxford University, and did doctoral research in sacred symbolism. Trained in the Saros tradition, which suggests that through effort and technique anyone can experience the basic principles behind all spiritual traditions, Ms. Oliver has led meditation workshops and retreats and currently instructs students on an individual basis.


"A basic overview of the nature of the meditation process itself. As such, this book aims to be useful for any student of meditation, regardless of the particular tradition or method employed. This aim is an imposing one, but Oliver, remarkably, has achieved it. Her book is rich in clear analysis, acute observations, and calm empathy." --Gnosis, reviewed by Lawrence Sutin
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