Teleological Language in the Life Sciences

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In this groundbreaking new study, Lowell Nissen explores the use of teleological language in the study of subjects such as behaviorism, negative feedback, and natural selection. He argues that all existing analyses fail to explain how teleological language can be used legitimately, and provides his own analysis in terms of intentionality.


Lowell Nissen is professor of philosophy at the University of Arkansas. He is the author of Reflective Thinking: The Fundamentals of Logic.


Nissen has given a splendid overview of the whole question of teleological thought in the biological sciences. Whether you end by agreeing with him or with others, or want to formulate your own position, you have now at hand the tools to do the job. Nissen is to be thanked a great deal. -- Michael Ruse, University of Guelph, Canada Columbia Magazine Teleological Language in the Life Sciences is a good and useful book. -- Don Dedrick, University of Guelph Philosophy in Review ... an excellent ... tool for both students and scholars of teleology in the philosophy of science. -- Adam Goldstein, Johns Hopkins University Australasian Journal Of Philosophy, Vol. 77 No. 3
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