The Politics of Culture in the Shadow of Capital

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November 1997



Global in scope, this study challenges contemporary capitalism from the perspective of localized cultural and social practice in varied locales. These essays on Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, North America, and Europe advance a new understanding of "cultural politics", frames a set of alternative social practices, and rethinks political practice in the context of global capitalism. 608 pp. .


Lisa Lowe is Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of California, San Diego and author of "Immigrant Acts," published by Duke University Press.David Lloyd is Hartley Burr Alexander Chair in the Humanities at Scripps College, Claremont and author of "Anomalous States," also published by Duke University Press.


"Lowe and Lloyd bring together studies on contemporary histories and cultures from all over the world to show where and how they defy or escape prevailing theories, whether liberal, Marxist, or postmodern. The emphasis on the diverse and the singular is a welcome corrective to the globalizing pretensions of much recent theorization." - Partha Chatterjee, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta "The Politics of Culture in the Shadow of Capital addresses, provocatively and challengingly, some of the most urgent concerns of late twentieth century cultural politics and political culture, and poses anew a challenge, through its adamant adherence to diversely localized projects, to the received but questionable assumptions that have served to separate activism and academic work." - (READER'S REPORT, PERMISSION PENDING) "This exciting volume opens up new and important perspectives on theory and practice. It broadens the study of nationalism and Marxism by incorporating gender as an integral part of the analytic equation, but it also widens feminist and cultural studies perspectives by including the local histories of various regions, and their local approaches to politics and culture." - (READER'S REPORT, PENDING PERMISSION "...One of several arresting and illuminating essays in The Politics of Culture in the Shadow of Capital" John Gray, TLS "...some usefully unconventional history ,,," John Gray, TLS
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