Le Style Apollinaire: The Writing of Guillaume Apollinaire

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Februar 2004



The work of Louis Zukofsky has been gaining exposure as a new generation of poets and scholars "rediscover" the American avant-garde tradition. Concurrently, interest in Guillaume Apollinaire's work has grown in recent years as English departments re-explore international modernism. In this extended essay, one of the American literary giants of the 20th Century provides deep readings of the French modernist's entire oeuvre and provides insight into his own formative aesthetic. Two sections of the essay were published in Westminster Magazine in 1932; the complete book is available here for the first time in English. The book builds its arguments with extensive quotations from Apollinaire's poems in their orignal French; this bilingual edition is the latest offering in what Publisher's Weekly has hailed as "an essential series."


Louis Zukofsky (1904-1978) is widely considered one of the primary forerunners of contemporary avant-garde writing. His many books include "A," Prepositions +, and A Test of Poetry. Serge Gavronsky is Professor and Chair of the French Department at Barnard College. Jean Daive is known as one the important French avant-garde poets. His first book, Decimale blanche (1967), was widely translated.


"Le Style Apollinaire is a beautiful palimpset, a vivid text, a book of Baroque intensity, demanding and playful." - Donald Revell, translator of Apollinaire's Alcools (Wesleyan, 1995); "An idiosyncratic book of great interest. Many of Zukofsky's statements about Apollinaire go beyond their ostensible subject, toward developing a contemporary aesthetic. An aesthetic of the inclusive and manifold, rather than of unity - and extremely important for American poetry." - Rosmarie Waldrop, author of The Reproduction of Profiles
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